Friday, June 19, 2009

Pages from the artists journal

Way back, I posted a sequence about my artist's journal:
Delve into my mind.
This is a sketchbook that every now and again I paste selections of doodles and drawings in, mixed with a little writing too. There are scraps ranging from the last 10-15 years from about 1993 or so. Well, I have just a day ago finished the last page, so now thinking about starting the next book. Here is a page from it, and I will follow with a few more. You may recognise some of the material from appearances on Elbowroom, others have not seen the light of day before.



Blogger steve said...

This is a delight to view Johnny. This particular page reminds me of a big Dufuffet piece, which was actually made from many tinier works, hanging at the National Gallery in DC. They all seem so different from each other yet, when together as a whole, they look like they belong as one.

3:52 am  
Blogger Johnnynorms said...

Thanks Steve - that sure sounds like a Dubuffet I'd like to see!

8:43 am  

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