Friday, February 13, 2009

Three Watchers

This makes me think of my old Many Few
song (well, more of an intonation):

Towering chunks of earth
Dwarf us into ant dimensions
As I dash madly around
The huge boulders watch
Sitting like lazy old men
Conversation unnecessary and silent
I fall over and die
But the solid rocks won't cry.
JN '89



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm, nice to remember. My friend Stephen Hancock has a similar poem, about two rocks making love, slowly and exquisitely, it takes a million years, and in their post-coital sigh, I am born, live and die. Or something like that.


9:58 am  
Blogger ian russell said...

nice one, johnny. any more song developments from you or the many few?

1:25 pm  
Blogger Johnnynorms said...

Glad you dropped in to remember with me Dave. We're practioners of Rock 'n Not-Roll.

Yes indeedy Ian, we've been open-miking over the months, and now our first gig is looming. News is on though I have been meaning to put an item on Elbowroom about it.

8:11 am  

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