Friday, October 07, 2005

Intense Statement of Intent

This blog has been going for over 8 months now, and it's growing rather large at 350 plus postings, most of which are drawings or photographs. Here are some ideas of what I want to do with it next, things which may or may not happen...

Make a series of trails, to provide some bee-lines to favourite postings. Review arty websites and blogs, as I’ve only covered a total of one so far. Draw a very very long downwards doodle. Doodle to a piece of music, to get more expressive, and bring in my interest in contemporary composers. Restart Doodle of the Day, but in a different guise. Write about painters, sculptors, photographers, illustrators and comic artists that interest me. Post some montages, collages, or medleys of scrapbook material on various themes. Try out The Eternally Changing Picture. Publish some pages from The Normicography. Create my artwork in other media. Involve my lyric writing and music making side. And more and more I’m sure.

At the moment I’m posting a mixture of old and new drawings. I feel compelled to share most of it, and then at some point I will have nothing new left, only what comes next. I’m looking forward to that moment – I think I’ll find it refreshing, liberating, thrilling and scary – but I want to get there soon.


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